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Creative Director


Enamored by hairstyle and fashion, Joel started his career with Sassoon in Costa Mesa, California in 2007 as a haircut specialist. With his talent and dedication, he was recognized as one of Sassoon’s most prominent stylists.  After several years with Sassoon, Joel sought to expand his creativity and imagination, unbound by industry standards to unleash new inspiration and mentor others who share such passion.

Joel found his niche in one of Asia’s fashion capitals - Singapore.  In 2014, having won the Diamond Scissors Mentor Award, Joel chose to focus his skills and creativity specifically towards men’s hairstyling. His knowledge, training, and experience in hair structure paved the way for him to achieve unique and individual styles for his clientele. 

With his high standard of specialization and comprehensive knowledge of head shape, hair texture and structure, Joel is able to achieve meticulously crafted looks to suit each individual style and image - whether classic or timeless. He firmly believes a great hairstyle creates confidence and may change the way one feels about themselves. Like a building on a strong foundation, every haircut has to be uniquely structured for that perpetual hairstyle.

A Creative Director at ROGUE & BEYOND, Joel exudes passion, professionalism and style.

"Building the right shape in a haircut is a beautiful thing, you can try to destroy it and it will bounce right back"

- Joel P.



Alif Sianipar’s interest in barbering started seven years ago. His only resource at that time was watching Youtube videos to learn more about the trade. Although he continued his education at Temasek Polytechnic, he knew that barbering was what he wanted to pursue.

Alif loves music, fashion and arts. His style is constantly evolving. Barbering as a career makes sense to him as it is something he is passionate about. He likes to make people feel and look their best but also realizes that a haircut is an artwork - every haircut is like sculpting a piece of art and a different canvas for each person.

Joining ROGUE & BEYOND in 2020 kick-started his barbering career as a dedicated team member. He has also attended and continues to attend classes conducted by Joel every week where technical, theory and practical work are taught.

Alif also enjoys the conversations he has with his clients, and has cultivated some great friendships and trust along the way. He appreciates and values the bond they have with him and he looks forward to continuing his journey with Rogue and Beyond.



At the age of 18, Wilson started his Hairdressing career in Sabah. After two years, he decided to specialize in Barbering. In the course of his career, he has traveled internationally to hone his skills and express his style.

Wilson participated in the 2019 ONESHOT Hair Awards and was placed TOP 5.

In 2020, he opened his own Barber shop. Looking for new possibilities, he moved to Singapore in 2022. Wilson is enthusiastic and passionate when cutting and styling.


Rogue and Beyond welcomes Wilson to our Team of dedicated and professional barbers!




Allan’s creative path took on a steep tangent after having been in the advertising industry for 17 years. An innocent pastime of giving his colleagues a quick trim between office stairways and storerooms turned into a serious creative juncture or some would coin ‘a calling’ in life.

He then went on to pursue his formal barbering education at the London School of Barbering. Upon graduating, he joined a Mayfair-founded grooming spa and barbershop, Gentlemen’s Tonic, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


In his never-ending strive for excellence, shortly after the pandemic in 2022, he chanced upon Rogue and Beyond, Singapore, and thereby commenced a new chapter in his professional training and career. He shares Rogue and Beyond’s core visions and values, and is optimistic about his path forward.

Allan is the happiest after giving his each of his client an exceptional service and sees fresh confidence restored in them. That, to him, is the true drive and guiding manifesto in barbering.




Kris is a skilled hairstylist turned barber with a passion for creating stylish looks. With years of experience in high-end salons, Kris honed her skills in precision cutting, coloring, and styling.


Recognizing the demand for traditional barbering techniques, Kris transitioned her career to master men's grooming. She offers diverse services tailored to clients' preferences, blending hairstyling and barbering expertise. With Kris, you'll find a talented and versatile professional committed to bringing your vision to life and leaving you looking your best.




"Hello there, I'm Eugene, a devoted professional in the world of hairstyling, backed by 12 years of industry experience. My passion for this art form drives me to create distinctive and fashionable looks for every client I serve. Throughout my journey, I've continuously sought knowledge, embraced growth, and aspired to become a renowned barber. With each haircut, my aim is to deliver an extraordinary experience that seamlessly blends innovation and precision. I invite you to join me on this thrilling adventure as we transform hair into magnificent masterpieces, one client at a time. Let's shape the future of barbering together."


IMG_1716 2.jpg


Meet Michael, an extraordinary barber whose journey began in 2001 at the renowned CAPRI Institute's Barbering Skills Academy. Here, he mastered the art of cutting, styling, and transforming hair into works of art. He then spent years at Others Barbers, one of Malaysia's top 10 barber shops, known for his exceptional skills.

In 2020, he realized his dream of opening his own salon, a hub for those seeking not just haircuts but transformations. Despite the pandemic temporarily closing his salon, Michael's creativity continued to shine.

Beyond barbering, Michael showcases his artistic side, drawing intricate hair tattoos and indulging in his passion for Indian classical music, particularly the tabla. Michael is more than a skilled barber; he's a true artist and musician, a testament to his dedication in the world of hairstyling.


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